Women's Services

The Women’s Service Department is located on the 4th floor of the hospital and is an exclusive floor dedicated to meet women’s special needs. New moms will receive the best of care in one of seven luxurious birthing suites. The rooms offer a more home-like, comfortable setting for mother and baby. Whether you have a vaginal birth or caesarean section (C-section), we help make the birth of your next child a special delivery. The Women’s Services Department also feature a centralized fetal monitoring system which allow the medical staff to continuously monitor the patient from the nurse’s station, a state-of-the-art computerized bedside charting system, and a security system. The floor also features: a fourteen (14) bed nursery and an isolation nursery. All of this combined with our special type of caring spirit that makes all the difference. You may want to include your newborn on our website nursery page so that all of your family can share in the joy. Ask your nurse for details. Other gynecological procedures are offered through Teche Regional Medical Center’s Women’s Center. In a sensitive and nurturing atmosphere, a highly trained, experienced and caring staff addresses the specialized needs and concerns of women patients. For more information call, 985-380-4528