Sleep Lab

Teche Regional Medical Centeroffers a certified Sleep Lab located on the 5th floor of the hospital. 

Sleep studies are available seven days a week in the evenings from 8 pm to 6 am. Our sleep study rooms are beautifully decorated to make patients feel as if they are in their own bedrooms at home. Also, each bed has a Queen size bed to ensure patient comfort during the study.

Millions of Americans suffer from one or more types of sleep disorder, including difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep and excessive daytime drowsiness. Most people are not aware that these disorders can create and/or aggravate certain serious medical problems as well as affect productivity and generally depress one’s outlook and quality of life.

An effective way to respond to the needs of those suffering from sleep problems is by performing a sleep study. During a sleep study, patients stay the night in one of our comfortable, private, sleep study rooms. Patients are evaluated while asleep by a technologist in an adjacent room who monitors brain waves, muscle tone, eye movements, heart rate, heart rhythm, respiration, oxygen levels and leg movements during sleep. The results of the study provide data to assist the physician in diagnosing a sleep disorder and recommending treatment options.

Sleep disorders are recognized as medical conditions. Most insurances cover sleep studies and treatment. All major insurance plans are accepted, and a physician’s order is required to schedule a sleep order.

For more information about sleep studies at Teche Regional Medical Center or to schedule a study, call 866-337-2536.