Teche Regional ED Celebrates Awards

August 2, 2016

Congratulations to Teche Regional Medical Center’s ED for winning the 2015 Ochsner TeleStroke Overall Top Performing in Door to Needle (best average Activase administration time) and 2015 Top Performing in Door to Needle (best single Activase administration time) for their TeleStroke program.

Pictured: Bottom left to right: Shelby Spinella, Brooke Landry, Amber Zorn, Jill Dubois, Bridget Robichaux

Top left to right: Adriane Angeron, Caitlin Verret, Sean Perera, Brooke Lem...oine, Nicole Landry, Joann Folse, Paul Lousteau, Dr.Scott Domingue

Not pictured: Sidonia Guilliot, Jesse Holley, Gail Barnes, Holly Flint, Jay King, Kelly Vinet, Mallory Becnel, Jerry Douget, Britani Boudreaux, Libby Sample, Jacki McCain, Kelly Billiot, Jamie Guillot, Ashley Hebert, Mary Loupe, Christina Martin, Sara Parker, Melissa Pizani, Walter Richardson, Kelly Robison, Mitzi Tregre, Sheresha Washington, Michelle Taylor