Thank you note sent to Med/Surg department:

Sixth floor nursing staff, housekeeping, CNA’s, etc.,

"Thank you so much for your time, patience, care and compassion. We both wish you a very Merry Christmas. God bless all of you and your families!"


A patient came into Administration and said, "she was having a very bad day, went to Medical Records for assistance and Brittany Leonard (HIM) made her day. "She is a gem, awesome personality, which made her day. Brittany is a good person, please keep her!"


The mother of patient that was in Teche Regional stopped by the hospital to deliver a gift to Jerry Daigle, night shift Respiratory Therapist.

The mother satated that in her opinion Jerry saved her daughter’s life.  He recognized an emergent situation, took the child from the mother’s arms, and activated a Rapid Response.


The Facebook message below is a compliment to the Inpatient Rehab Department. 

"Thank all of you for taking such good care of my dad. You have a great group of nurses up there. My dad even referred to Monica as his reinforcer, because she always lifted his spirits when he was down. Please tell her I will forever be grateful."


A patient sent a thank you note to Outpatient Rehab with the following compliment…

"Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. A special thanks to Millie, Lindsey, Jillian and Tim. Alice-you were so good to us. You treated us like real people. Thank you so much! We did not know everyone’s name and we also want to thank the ones we missed. Thanks again to ALL of you."


A patient sent a thank you note to Outpatient Rehab with the following compliment…

"I just wanted to say “Thank You” to all of you for your help. I’ve come a long way with my therapy. I realize that now. Keep up the good work and God bless you all."


A compliment was received from a patient which stated…

"Melanie in Radiology did a great job and went above and beyond!"


A mother of a patient wanted to compliment the hospital on her recent visit with her young son to the Emergency Department. She stated…

“My son was ill during the night and we took him to the ED. Upon arriving he was very scared and upset and from the moment we arrived at Teche Regional everyone was wonderful. We were greeted by Tiffany in the Admitting area who was very helpful and so friendly. She had a smile on her face and lovely personality. We did not even sit down in the waiting room before we were called to the back. Once in the ED each nurse that came into the room was amazing. They really help to calm my son and make him smile. They joked with him and talked to him asking him questions throughout the visit. They were very friendly and communicated every step that was going to be taken with me. Dr. Bird was the physician who was great! He took the time to examine, talk to, and answer any questions. Overall it was a great experience during a scary time. We are very fortunate to have this hospital and ED in our community. A big thanks to everyone we came in contact with especially, Tiffany in Admitting, Dr. Bird, Holly, Kelly and Amber in the Emergency Department. You were all great!


A patient's wife wanted to give a compliment to the ED staff and employees hospital wide which read:

"I wanted to thank the ED staff for taking such good care of my husband. Nurse Jerry met us at the door and with warm smile and calm nature he put us both at ease. Of course my husband was comforted when all the female nurses came in the room. We cannot say thanks enough to Dr.Bird for taking care of him and staying over to make sure he got on the helicopter alright. My husband was also glad to see Dr. Kieffer join in. Thanks to Kelly B. and Kelly V. Jill, Holly, Jerry, Jay and Nick for taking excellent care of him. Thanks to your entire staff for your thoughts and prayers. My husband is just fine and of course he will bring donuts as soon and as much as he can. Thanks to employees hospital wide to took time to pray for him and ask about him. You all are such special people that we are grateful to have in our lives."


The hospital received a compliment from a patient that reads:

To: The 6th floor staff,

"Thank you for all of your kindness and professionalism especially to Wesley, Stephanie, Julie, Sierra, Evyn, Mimmie, and all the rest that helped assist in my care. Everyone did a GREAT job!"


Received call from a patient who wanted to give a compliment to Charlene Gabrielle.  "Stating she always does a good job!!!!!"


Administration received an ER compliment from a patient, stating Dr. Runnels, Jessie and Lisa in patient registration took very good care of her.  They all were wonderful!


A patient’s family member wanted to compliment their recent trip to our ED.

"My mother fell at my sister’s home in Thibodaux while visiting and needed to go to the ER.  My last experience with my Mother at the Thibodaux ER was not a pleasant one.  We met half way and I brought her to Teche Regional.. I left my home in town around 5:45P.  I was back home by 8:00P with my Mother after receiving treatment in the ER at Teche. The Quality, Compassion, Customer Service, Smiling Faces, and Timely Service we received was unmatched."

A special thanks to the following:

ER – Dr. Bird, Jay, Jerry, Shelby, and Holly

X-Ray – Josh

Registration - Jamie


We received a thank you card in the mail that read…

"I had the privilege to fulfill my Emergency Medicine rotation at Teche Regional Medical Center. When I was there I was welcomed with great staff and healthcare professionals that took me in as one of their own. This made my experience a great learning experience and very memorable. I wanted to thank you for allowing me to come to Teche, and I also want to tell you how great of staff you have put together in the ED. Your leadership has provided a great place to help others and provide quality healthcare.

Thank you again, and I hope I get to be at Teche again!"


A family member of a patient called this morning to thank us for their recent visit to the ED. She stated that they brought her aunt in and had such a wonderful experience. She named nurse Jackie and Melissa. She stated that they were beyond wonderful and they showed them such kindness and compassion. 


We received a compliment on the hospital’s Facebook page with at 5 star rating.

"All the staff was great to me , from the time I checked into the time I checked out. Miss Odessa was one of the names that stood out she made sure I understood everything I needed to understand. When I went up to the 5th floor for my surgery my nurse was awesome, when I was brought down to the second floor for the surgery all the nurses the anesthesiologist and the doctors were also. I wouldn't change not one thing from my visit."


We received a compliment on the hospital’s Facebook page with at 5 star rating.

Thank you Dr. Prejeant and the wonderful nurses for taking care of my mother. She had  outpatient surgery. My mother is deaf, and everyone there was so helpful . KUDOS to the anesthesiologist who was very fluent in sign language , she felt so much better going into surgery knowing someone knows sign language. Thank you Teche Regional!!


Dr. Chip Metz came to Administration today to give a compliment about Alexis Rogers in Patient Registration. He wanted us to know that she was very sweet, helpful and outgoing and when asked if she liked her job, her response was…I love my job! He said she made his visit very pleasant and he wanted to thank her!


A daughter of a patient wanted to thank the nurses who took care of her dad on 6th floor and also ICU the week he was at the hospital. 

"On sixth floor Wesley as always was an excellent nurse and Dan also. He was brought to ICU and from there, Doug went above and beyond on taking care of him and my dad was asking for him the day before he passed away. That tells you what a great nurse he is when a patient  has other nurses but wants that one person. Also, Becky Fruge was excellent as always.  In Respiratory, Rachel and Lindsey were such a big part of his care also and would like to thank them. I’d also like to thank Sid from ER and Jerry from Respiratory for being there for me during the code. finally, all the doctors and  nurses who responded from ER and sixth.  I’m sorry if I left anyone out. Thank you!"


A mother of a patient called to give a big thanks to our ED on their recent visit. She mentioned by name…Holly and Jay from the ED and Alexis and Lisa from Patient Registration. She stated that everyone was kind and professional.


A family that recently used our ED called to say…

They wanted to give high praises to Nurse Stephanie Watson stating she was very kind and passionate.


"As I prepare to leave the hospital, I would like to take this time out to say that I was treated extremely well by all nurses and doctors in ICU. I thank you all so kindly."


We received a letter form a patient to thank us for the service he received. The letter read:

I was admitted to Teche Regional for emergency treatment. The immediate and professional attention I received in the Emergency area was exemplary. Their personnel in all departments conducted the various transitions from the Emergency Room, to a regular room, then to ICU in a very efficient manner.  I was very confident that Dr. Albert, who has treated me for 25 years, would know the right course of action to take to address my issue. Also, I’m grateful for the input and attention of Dr. Birriel counseling in tandem with Dr. Albert in discerning a remedy for my situation. If surgery were necessary, Dr. Lyons was on standby to perform or assist in so doing. These doctors explained in detail all the options and possibilities to my wife and son. When it was decided that I needed to be air-lifted so that the necessary tests could be performed, the process for transportation was very proficient. Even though many of the nurses, lab and x-ray technicians were involved with my case, Jared Matte, was instrumental in addressing my needs before I was moved to ICU. Once I was placed in ICU, Rheba Castaneda and Jacinta Johnson were wonderful! Rheba was a constant contact with my son in coordinating the transition with the air-med transport. I’m doing fine now and felt the need to recognized our local hospital and staff. Teche Regional is an excellent facility which is the result of good leadership! Thank you and your staff for such a positive experience.


A spouse of a patient called to make sure that  Sheila Mancuso was commended for the care she provided to her husband recently.  The spouse said "Sheila was her husband’s nurse a couple of times, and she has always been very compassionate & is an excellent nurse." 


A patient called to compliment Wanda Lowery in the Lab for coming to their rescue when they needed help. They said she was awesome! They stated that she is an asset to this hospital and we are so lucky to have her here.